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The Functions of a Good Junk Removal Company

Junk Removal

Junk, trash, garbage, rubbish, ect. It goes by many names but it's just the unwanted stuff hanging around taking up space.

Yard Waste

The funny thing about trees, bushes and shrubs is they almost always keep growing back. It's an endless supply to waste ready to be hauled away.

Property Clean-outs

Property clean-outs or clean-ups take more time and generate more revenue. Typical jobs are completed for next of kin, HOA's or landlords with more money than time.

E-waste Removal

E-waste removal is about recycling old computers, printers, fax machines and copiers. Newer models are smaller but the old giants linger.

Trash Collection

Not every Junk Removal Company can provide this service but the ones who can are certian to have a good revenue stream.

Large Items

Easy Money! Usually a 10 minute stop for a large item or two. A staple in the Junk Removal Game.

The Great Garage Clean Out

Do you have a path from your driveway to your house through your garage that’s only just wide enough to squeeze through? Too much stuff but none of it can be thrown away? Kids move back in after college with them all their stuff? We understand and have been there before.  Here are the five tips on how to clean your garage.

        1. Declutter Things

Do you have a path from your driveway to your house through your garage that’s only just wide enough to squeeze through? Too much stuff but none of it can be thrown away? Kids move back in after college with them all their stuff? We understand and have been there before.  Here are the five tips on how to clean your garage.

2. Sweep and Dust

There’s saying cleanliness is next to godliness, to maintain the cleanliness of your garage you need to schedule the cleaning such as weekly or monthly. You can brush off all the stains and dirt in your garage, hose it and knock out all lingering dirt with a garden hose so that it will maintain the sparkling and it won’t let the bugs or rodents come in.  If your garage is clean then you’re more likely to spend time in there organizing.

3. Labeling

Labeling your items, especially when the are in plastic containers, will help you find them later when you need them. (Presuming you will actually need them someday.)  Duct tape is a simple way to label you containers instead of writing on the actual container itself.  You could also opt for a label maker, but we prefer duct tape for true cost effectiveness.  Clear containers are a great choice and are becoming more popular as it makes it easy to see what is inside without having to pop it open. 


Garage cleaning….the best Saturday you’ll ever spend (just kidding)

4. Hang Things Up

If you can do a DIY storage that would be great because you will utilize the space of your garage, let say you will create a hook to hang up your bike and other sport or recreation items. Instead of putting them besides the cabinet you will utilize the space and hang items up higher and out of the way. Hanging things up also allows you to utilize additional wall space which might not normally be used.  It can allow you to group items together like yard care items and another spot for bike helmets and scooters.

5. Organize


After you declutter things in your garage, cleaning your garage and storing the important thing in your garage, go through one last time and organize things in the best way possible to be most effective. You’re going to have to keep at it on a regular basis to make sure your garage stays in tip-top shape.


If all else fails, just call a local junk removal company to help out!

Junk Removal

Ever look around your house, garage or even your storage unit and wonder how you got so much stuff? It builds and accumulates without you even thinking about it. An item here or an item there and next thing you know you can’t even park your car in the garage anymore. It doesn’t even make sense!

Sure, you try to occasional yard sale or run to the local donation center but it only makes a dent and three months later you barely notice the difference. It easy to think one day you’ll get in there and fully organize and clean-out everything but it so hard. Life happens and more and more just piles up.

Eventually, you give up and have to call in the pros to do the job. Go through and pull out a few sentimental items and call a junk removal company to get the rest. Clearing out the build up can help avoid bad situations, like hoarding, for example. It also creates more room for the important things in life, like family or great new hobbies.

We’ve been around a while and have seen many junk removal companies come and go but our experience has taught us how to pick out the best. Spokane, WA is a beautiful and vibrant place. For Junk Removal in Spokane, we will always recommend the top choice with the most experience. Spokane Junk Removal Pros is our top choice in Spokane and the Spokane Valley! Check them out at https://www.spokanejunkremovalpros.com and let us know what you think!

It’s important to remember to keep focused on the little things like making space for your important items and junking the rest. Stay tuned for more great post like this one.

Property Clean Out

 It’s one of every landlords worst nightmare. The tenants have stopped paying so you decide to pay a visit after they haven’t returned your calls, emails and texts. The place is dark and no-one answers the door. After letting yourself in you discover your tenants have skipped town and left a mess on your hands.

Trash, old-furniture, broken electronics among of host of other rubbish and odds-n-ends. Now what?! Not only are you missing out on rent for the last month or two but no you have to clean the place up. Where to even begin?! Most landlords have plenty to do besides clean up for their dead-beat tenants. Who’s got time to deal with this mess?

Usually this is when it’s time to call in the professionals to help with the property clean up. The process usually begins with removal of the large items which clears space to sweep or even shovel up the smaller debris. Depending on the size of the mess, the junk removal process can usually be done in a day or even a half-day.

Reno, Nevada recently saw a big boom in multi-family housing when several major tech companies moved in and housing was needed.  However, it doesn’t always work out for the landlord or the tenant.  When junk removal Reno is needed, we recommend Reno Junk Removal Pro’s as a trusted junk removal company.  They have years of experience and expertise in this field and can handle any job.

Junk Removal

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