Digi Fix is the home of smartphones. Name a brand, choice, make, design or price – and we have the smartphone for you. We make sure the smartphone you have has some credibility in the smartphone business and this is one of the major reasons we have also started selling smartphones that have been used before. We have been serving some of the biggest client bases in town we will be glad to invite you for a showcase at our showroom.

We deliver on time

One of our major strengths over the year has been our turnaround time for each smartphone repair we have done so far. Here is how we go about the repair process.

You can drop your phone at our store or we will have it collected

One of the first things that you need to know is that there are very times that your actually needs a major repair. So if you wish, we can have a technician sent to your place and he will have your phone looked at. If there is a minor fault, we will treat it there itself at just our service and travel charge. For major faults, we need to bring the phone to the store and conduct diagnosis. iPhone repair fairfax corner.

We get back within 24 hours with the fault and cure

We will tell in 24 hours what needs to be done with your phone and what has actually happened to it. If we take later than 24 hours in coming back to you, your phone repair bill is upon us.

First price guarantee    

We will tell you about the cost of repair right at the first call you receive from us. In no instance we will charge over this limit.